Featured Performers

We’re working on finalizing additional Featured Performers. Stay tuned for further updates!

Aaron Fristik (Snap-Fit Comedy)

Aaron “Snap-Fit Comedy” Fristik brings his experiences in the convention community to life in comedic fashion. Since his early days in competitions he has broken out on his own main eventing cons such as Anime Mini, and Digimon Celebration!

Chris Jacobs (MelloPanther Productions)

Born in Bucks County, PA, Chris transplanted to the other side of the state and fell in love with Japanese culture and conventions.  His forming of MelloPanther Productions is the culmination of his years of expertise in a multitude of fields, including computer programming, writing, public speaking, and improv.  You can check out his past game shows and panels over on his website.

Crimson Hawke Cosplay – Cosplay Sempai

Crimson Hawke Cosplay (photo: Yenra.com)

Crimson Hawke Cosplay will be available for cosplay advice throughout the event. Please be sure to check out his Instagram and Facebook pages!

Elycium Cosplay

Elycium Cosplay

Elycium has been cosplaying and attending/volunteering at conventions for nearly 15 years. She looks forward to seeing everyone at GAF and judging the costume competition!

Nancy Kepner (HeartfeltHumor)

Nancy Kepner

Nancy Kepner loves to joke with her friends about the ridiculous things we all experience as part of the Anime Fandom. It’s easy for her, because at heart she’s just a huge fan who sets her love of all things anime to music. Armed with a guitar and clever song lyrics, Nancy Kepner has performed original songs like “The Explaining Anime to Your Parents Song”, “The Second Season Song” and “The Yaoi Song” at numerous conventions over the last several years. She currently has three, soon to be four, albums full of these hilarious songs available for purchase on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon. You can also find her all year round on her YouTube channel, HeartfeltHumor, delighting her audience with original songs, live performances, and the occasional music video. If there’s something ridiculous that happens in the anime fandom Nancy has probably written a song about it and if she hasn’t, let her know! She loves suggestions for new songs almost as much as she loves anime… almost.

Trickssi – Cosplay Sempai

Trickssi is a cosplayer, formal dance coordinator, and founder of the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network. Her passions are creating inclusive support and protection for vulnerable populations and teaching ballroom dance within the anime convention community. She hails from Ohio and makes costumes, wigs, and props both solo and with her family at Trimeriad Cosplay. Be sure to check out her website!