Greensburg Anime Festival Cosplay Competition!

Greensburg Anime Festival will be holding a cosplay competition!

The contest is open to all costumed GAC attendees with a valid badge. To enter, simply come to our designated judging time and location, line up, and wait to be given a small private interview with our judges. They’ll ask you questions about your costume, such as how you made something, or where you found a piece. If you have a reference image (such as a picture of the character you’re portraying on your phone), they’ll check it against your costume for accuracy.

You’ll then be given a number (hold on to it!) and will meet up at the Main Events room for a stagewalk and small improv portion, where the audience will vote for their favorite cosplayer!

There are three major awards!

Best Craftsmanship

Attendees who made the majority of their costume will be competing for this award. Judges will be looking at the technical skill they used to create their costume and accuracy to the design.

Best Put-Together

Attendees who gathered their costume from various places to get their look just right will be competing for this award. Judges will be looking at the accuracy to the chosen character’s design as well as how coordinated the outfit looks.

Audience Favorite

This award is decided by the majority! During the stage portion of the costume contest, the audience will vote for their favorite cosplayer by writing that number on an index card, which will be collected and counted by the judges. This could be based on how in-character a cosplayer acts, or how awesome their costume looks–it’s all up to the audience, so don’t be afraid to play it up for them!

Additional Notes

  • Costumes that were commissioned or entirely purchased as a set, or ones who have previously won an award at any costume competition are ineligible for Best Put-Together and Best Craftsmanship–however, they may still compete for Audience’s Favorite!
  • Excellence deserves recognition–the judges may add additional awards at their discretion.
  • Have fun!