Register Now

Online preregistration for the September 23, 2017 show can be found here. (This link will take you to RegFox, an external site.)

Preregistration for Greensburg Anime fest is $12.

Registration will also be available at the door for $15.

Each person aged 13 and older attending Greensburg Anime Festival must purchase a registration. Children aged 12 and under do not need to register but must be accompanied by a registered adult. Registration will be available at the door, but online preregistration offers savings of 20% or more over the door price.

What is GAF?

Greensburg Anime Festival (GAF) is a periodically held one-day convention celebrating Japanese animation, video games, and pop culture. GAF is regionally focused, providing opportunities to local performers, panelists, and vendors. Our goal is to be friendly and accessible to first time visitors while providing the area’s seasoned cosplayers, panelists, and fans with a fun, unique experience — without the expense of long-distance travel or the time demands of a multi-day event.

So, why go to an anime con, anyway?

Fans gather at hundreds of anime conventions around the country each year. Why do they go in the first place, and why do they keep coming back?

Anime cons are a great place to:

  • Meet others who share your Japan-related interests. Whether you’re captivated by the latest episode of My Hero Academia, drawn in by the techno beat of Perfume, fondly reminiscent of 90s Toonami, or eager to share your excitement about the latest developments in New Japan Pro Wrestling, chances are good you’ll find someone else who feels the same way.
  • Dress up or enjoy others’ costumes. From the simple to the elaborate, costumes are a large part of the fun of conventions. It’s exciting to plan and perfect a costume based on a character you love, and it’s fun to see characters you recognize walking around in the real world! Some costumers choose to meet up with others as part of a themed group for photoshoots and/or compete in a costume contest which often doubles as a talent showcase.
  • Learn new things. Panels and workshops are a great place to find out about what tokusatsu is and what it has to do with Power Rangers, discover how to pack a delicious bento lunch or plan a trip to Japan, try your hand at cel painting or origami, and get tips on how to build a model Gundam figure or style a wig for your costume. The panel and workshop schedule at an anime con depends on volunteer submissions, so you find new things to experience everywhere you go, presented by passionate everyday people.
  • Purchase unique merchandise and artwork. Fan artists create jewelry, plushies, artwork, and more featuring both established characters and their own original work. Vendors sell both imported goods and hard-to-find domestic releases.